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    April Fights Against All Cancer

    I have lost a lot of my loved ones from Cancer in all forms husband lung cancer my little brother from aggressive cancer that left a lot of tumors in his body my girlfriend from colon cancer and my fiance from blood cancer and lots of Brothers through prostate cancer and sisters that have lost their lives through breast cancer and ovarian cancer I know there’s got to be a care out there somewhere and I’m going to try my dentist to get as much money as possible to find out the people that are left

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    Ashlie Fights Against Prostate Cancer

    I’m married and a mom of 3 and I have family who have dealt with years of cancer and honestly if we could rid the world of cancer that would be a miracle 🙌🏻

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    Billie Jack Fights Against Lymphoma

    I’ve been singing my whole life. From singing with bands in bars at 9 years old to winning the Idaho Colgate Country Showdown. I’ve had the fortune to jam with the likes of Kim Carnes However, nothing excites me more than the chance to raise money for the organization that help my cousin Bill when he fought Lymphoma. Good luck to all the contestants.

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    Candice Fights Against Melanoma

    I am a single Mom and karaoke host. I have been singing since I was a small child, Inspired by my grandparents and mother, who were avid musicians. My grandmother survived, melanoma, and stomach cancer. My mother and sister are thyroid cancer survivors. I chose melanoma because it is rarely seen as deadly but is life altering just like all cancer. We must fight them ALL!! I feel honored to be chosen to help raise money for this fight and need your help!

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    Cheryle Fights Against Gastric Cancer
    I have had a lot of loved ones taken by cancer. Most recently was my future mother in law who was taken by stomach cancer 3 short months after diagnosis at the age of 69. This woman was so wholesome and amazing in ever aspect of the word. She helped me through what felt like the hardest times of my teenage life, gave me a place to live and filled my heart with love. I never knew how close we would grow but with her i had more than family, I had a best friend which she had with me too. My three young children will never ever forget their grandma or the never ending love she has for them. I hope to make her proud <3
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    Corbin Fights Against Prostate Cancer

    I am a father to a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. I have been a dj for the past 3 years and love the music industry. Coming from a musical family it’s in my blood. I am entering because of my garadfather who I call papa just got diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and I want to raise money so Noone else has to go thru the pain I and my family have been going thru. We need to put a stop to all types of cancer.

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    Daniel Fights Against Prostate Cancer

    I’m just a hard working family man trying to give my family the best they deserve. A very important person in my life is fighting this cancer right now and he means the world to me.

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    Hayden Fights Against Breast Cancer

    I know a lot of families that have been affected and hope the funds help in any way possible.

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    James Fights Against Colon Cancer

    My girlfriend lost her sister to Colon cancer in 2011. We all grew up in the same community and went to the same church.

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