Karaoke Fights Cancer

Contest Rules

The goal of Karaoke Fights Cancer is for our karaoke community to collect as much money as we can to give to Oregon Cancer Foundation and have a blast doing it!

Contestant’s Goal:  Collect as much as you can with donations and give a great performance.

There are 2 ways to win:  Raise the MOST money and give the BEST karaoke performance.

Winners receive:

1st Place Fundraiser- $500 2nd Place Fundraiser- $250
1st Place Performer- $300 2nd Place Performer- $150



There are 3 steps to being a contestant:

  1. The week of February 17- 28th:

Pay $10 and compete in the preliminary qualifying round at one of the 10 selected bars listed.

The top 2 singers from each bar will move on to the main event. (If less than 10 contestants, only 1 singer will be chosen to move on to the main event.)

IF you are not one of the top 2 singers, you are welcome to try again at any of the other bars throughout the week, paying $10 for each attempt.

  1. For the next 6 weeks:

Once you have qualified for the main event, you begin raising money. Your friends, families, coworkers, ect., can give you cash or donate through the website KaraokeFightsCancer.org

  1. ON APRIL 7, the main event will be held at PrimeTime Sports Bar & Grill at 3pm:

Contestants perform ONE song of their choice. You will bring any donated cash given to you with you, and also are advised to bring a decorated collection jar to collect even more donations at the event. Bring your friends and family to cheer you on!

* Contestants must have raised at least $500 to be eligible for cash prizes.